Desolo – The Army Veteran is Offering Outstanding Musical Pieces

A music enthusiast will love hearing Desolo who has never felt tired with creating new musical blasts. This Army Veteran is creating an exception with his new buzz and the tracks on soundcloud by this singer have already received loads of positive responses. Healing out from San Carlos, Venezuela Desolo aka Jhosep Mena has always dreamt of making a great contribution in the music industry. At the age of 15 he first recorded his track and at 17 he was offered with a record deal. However, this famous musician who has served the Army for 8 years finally back with some of his masterpieces.

The Young Washington artist Desolo has showcased his true passion while composing the exclusive tracks like ‘Te Extraño’, ‘ Digital World’, ‘#MeToo. He records the tracks both in English and Spanish. The beats go perfect with lyrical prowess and therefore, the tracks receive good feedbacks from the audiences. Latin is the most preferred genre of this artist but he has also worked in hip hop and rap. ‘#MeToo’ his latest composition is comprised of excellent bass, guitar strumming and drum beats. The vocal flow of the artist is leaving good impression on the listeners. No wonder, you will love his creations as the other music lovers do. Keep listening to his tracks in soundcloud. Also, get more updates about this famous singer on instagram, twitter, youtube and facebook.

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City :  Olympia, United States

Genre :  Hip hop

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