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Army Combat Veteran Retired (Sgt.) Denoh Grear, in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project, is working to help heal our heroes through art, poetry and spoken word. A writer and poet, Grear compassionately speaks out about PTSD, the epidemic of suicides among our men and women in uniform, and the challenges our veterans face in re-assimilating to a world they’ve long been separated from. Through art, Grear says, we can assuage some of the trauma felt by our veterans, and set upon the task of restoring their hearts and minds.

Honored at the Pentagon as a Wounded Hero, Grear is now giving back by spreading his art — and in doing so, his message — to combat veterans grappling with trauma and PTSD. He addresses colleges, veteran groups and audiences-at-large in an effort to deepen understanding between civilians and soldiers, enabling healing through reflection.

This video illustrates Grear’s photography, writings and poetry created during his combat missions in Iraq, as well an ongoing series by photojournalist Mike O’Neil. Grear’s music is juxtaposed with his personal images from Iraq, and his return from deployment. It is just one way he is sharing his story in order to inspire veterans to share their own creative work, and in doing so spur a national dialogue intended so heal, shape, and reintegrate today’s soldiers — as well as tomorrow’s — into powerful leaders here at home.