Darick DDS Spears | Born Milwaukee, WI

Following the successful reception of Darick DDS Spears’s 2014 The World Is Yourz album, the man spent the year playing shows around the Midwest, New York, and even L.A.  http://www.examiner.com/article/dds-talks-about-the-world-is-yourz The World is Yourz,”  received praise from Lifehack.org, calling it one of the  http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/25-the-best-albums-listen-for-increased-productivity.html 25 Best albums to Listen to for Productivity.” In this album DDS writes about true life experiences, including relationships, motivation and community issues.

When Darick decided it was time to start recording his second album, he found the songs that shared some emotional states and community narrative threads. In June 2015, Darick released the a powerful social EP album called  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-one-love-project/id996501147 The One Love Project which was recognized on The Grammy Ballad. He dedicated this album for the people. Inspired by what’s going on in the world today: police brutality, crime, injustice, religion. The One Love Project’s first song  https://soundcloud.com/darick-dds-spears/sets/the-one-love-project Cop Killuz, has been nominated for a   http://www.globalpeacesongawards.org/finalists/ Global Peace Award in Hip Hop June 2016. In Sept 2016 he was nominated for 2  http://www.imeaawards.com/nominees/2016-nominees/ IMEA Awards as a solo artist for Hip Hop Artist of the Year & and Hip Hop Song of the Year from his 2016 album release called Breathe.

Darick DDS Spears produces, writes, performs and arranges his own albums.

Musically, his label Elevator Muzik Group, both polishes and expands their listeners approach.

Between January-March 2017 Darick released the singles

http://www.josiemusicawards.com/2017-official-nominations.html Josie Awards: which takes place in Nashville, TN in September 2017.

Recently, https://darickspears.com Darick DDS Spears has released a new Hip Hop album entitled Penmanship. The album which contains the hit song Save the Babies : a video has been released on YouTube.  Darick says that he dedicates his new album to the Babies, musicians, poets, freedom fighters, and artist.

The album is produced solely by Darick DDS Spears (under his company Elevator Muzik Group). In the new Album Penmanship, one of the hit songs is Save the Babies a song that he dedicates to babies, where he urges the families and the society to protect the babies from evil world.

Darick DDS Spears album(s) https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/darick-dds-spears/id996501148
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