Promise Edugie who is Popularly known as Currency Baba was Born in Edo state in Nigeria. He is the last Born of his father and mother. He was raised in a suburb called Isihor in Benin city. And like most ghetto kids he grew up in a community where opportunities were hard, but despite all the hardship, his parents ensured that he got an average education, and a good upbringing.
In 2005 Currency Baba started up with music Production which he leant from his cousin by the name Suprem D magic Finger in lagos state. In 2010 he came together with (Five) other friends and they started a band called iyaghanabossway Records.Currency Baba played a very important part as a member of the group, his job being a Producer, writing and compositions of songs. In a period of two years, he wrote over 57 songs. In 2012 the group broke up as some members Got Admission to the University.
Currency Baba Also got admission to western Sydney university were he studied Firm.
In 2013/2014 He got an opportunity on Australia national Tv (Foxtel studio) to write and Direct any movie of his choose. His first Written and Directed Movie was titled (Osawese) which was premiered on Foxtel and on that day he won an award as the best African Director of the year.Currency Baba just released his fourth and first single of this year 2018, The Singer, songwriter and a Rapper Currency Baba, After the banger of “Pure Water” Currency Baba has released his most personal song “Me and You” a song written after his fans and the public started to talk about his relationship.. You can download or stream Currency Baba’s new song and other songs such as Pure Water on his Spotify, iTunes and all other streaming services such as KKBOX, Play.Me and Boomplay.