Creeze’s career as a MC started with a group called the Merc Squad. The group quickly found themselves working with established industry artists and music business professionals and having success with national radio and television airplay, tv/film placements catapulted by song collaborations featuring TQ, Stat Quo, The Outlawz, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Kool Daddy Fresh, and The Jacka (RIP).
After series of group disagreements, CREEZE decided to branch out from the group to start his solo career. CREEZE’s first two singles “All Good” featuring Nappy Roots and “She Can Get It” featuring JIG, and LuZiana, and a remix to “She Can Get it”, which now included Dallas’ own Dorrough and Houston’s Chalie Boy, for weeks these songs received tracked airplay that steadily appeared on Nielsen’s BDS, and Mediabase, which solidified Creeze’s solo career with the aid of mixtape and club DJ support and television airplay.

(Interview by Tim Brown)

When and why did you start playing? My Mom made me start playing the trumpet in the 2nd grade. I think it grew on me lol
Which famous musicians do you admire? Why? Micheal Jackson and Prince were at the top of their game. Great performers, business men and told their crafts seriously. I learned a lot of them both.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? Yes, I’m more a fan of Records
Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s? MJ, Prince, BB King, NWA, RUN DMC, 2Pac, BIGGIE, 8 Ball & MJG, E 40, UGK, OutKast
Have you been in competitions? Fleadh’s? Any prizes? No, I’m more into writing music to get placements with TV/Film, video games, etc. That last forever.
Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV? Yes I do I love performing in front of crowds, fans it’s like form of rehab to me.

What makes this kind of music “good” to you? Why did you choose to play this kind of music? – This is who I am, What I been through , What I survived. All the different music I came up on mixed into one. The melody’s, 808’s I love that shit!
Let’s Talk about your music and your last work. My last work was “She Can Get It” Ft JIG, Luizana (Remix Dorrough / Chalie Boy) and All Good Ft Nappy Roots available through all streaming outlets.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business? I feel that the internet is very effective and important to an artist / band’s brand. Anyone can take advantage of this tool to advance ones career.
What are the plans for the future? I have a few business moves in play for the CREEZE brand for the future but ultimately record, record & record. Make sure you check out CREEZE “How It Go” on Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music and also on social media @creeze502,
, to stay updated.
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music? My Music has really evolved over the years. The process is a lot smoother, no pressure.
Could you briefly describe the music-making process? With me It kind of comes out of nowhere, that’s why I have my own studio so I can record when I need to. Also a great strain can motivate me too.
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