“Class1o1” brings a different feel to anything that he touches. His music is original and has a classic-style sound to it. The very smooth beats and lyrics is something to sit back and relax to, so just shoot the vodka and close your eyes. And you can do this right from “POP CHARTZ”. The utter coolness of this track this will draw a lot of people in. If you’re looking for a fresh face of rap and to hear something different then take a listen to this.

*MONSTER SONG ALERT* #AlliEverWantedWasAHotCar #ExoticNForeign #PopChartz #BlessUpBlessUpBlessUp

“Pop Chartz” is his first single released. The production by “Lv The Hitmaker” on these tracks is exemplary, and one of the very reasons “Class1o1” should be able to easily acquire a solid underground following; the other reason of course being his rhymes and flow, which are expansive, nuanced and different. This track captivates the listener and almost all the beats are pitted perfectly against the lyrics to evoke certain emotions and messages. Lv The Hitmaker is one of the best producer in Town guys… He made definitely an amazing Killer job!

*MONSTER SONG ALERT* #AlliEverWantedWasAHotCar #ExoticNForeign #PopChartz #BlessUpBlessUpBlessUp

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