Randolph Lester III (born January 16 1986) An American Rapper better known by stage name Cheekz raised out of Springfield, MA, a small city in New England, home of the Basketball Hall of Fame and one of the biggest gun manufacturing companies, Smith & Wesson, you can find the Hot Business minded aspiring artist. He is one of the leading independent rap artist’s out of the New England area who has worked with a lot of big name artist’s and recorded classic street singles such as “I Remember Ft. Troy Ave”, “Hardtimes Ft. Max B “, “My Goons Ft. Chinx Drugs”, “Hate Ft. Freeway”, and more…In 2013 He released “Mass Destruction”, an independent project that has drawn in lots of attention across the USA, UK, and other countries worldwide. He has appeared in 2016 XXL FRESHMAN ISSUE, Cheekz maintains strong presence in hip hop community. Cheekz is Hip Hop’s secret weapon ready to let loose and show his skillset to the world. Not only is Cheekz known as the “King of New England” But he has proven so, by delivering nothing but top-quality music that is on a mainstream level. He is up there with the big boys. He has a hit song with “Beenie Man” That will be coming soon. This record is fire and I see it hitting the charts. Those that know Cheekz respects his grind. He has a strong business mindset.

He formed his own business named “MassWork INC… This company he developed helps music artist and creates opportunities for independent artist’s. One of Cheekz best projects was his 30-state tour with Troy Ave named “Money Powder Respect” Cheekz has juice in NC, Philly etc. for his great stage presence and tours, he participated in. Some of the hot shows he has participated in includes big names such as; Migos at the Hippodrome in Springfield, Max B, Chinx Drugz, Freeway, 2 Milly, Troy ave., Rich Homie Quan out of Oakdale Theatre in CT, Bobby Smhurda at the Hippodrome out of Springfield, MA and shows with Jadakiss out of the Oakdale Theatre in CT. He is also known for his executive approach for success in the music game and determination to represent the New England area.


2017 Cheekz released a record named “Biggie” This song was dropped in March of this year and hit 85 different regions. It hit the California market and all across the state. The record is still making some traction. He hit top 40 on “Music Choice” Including Top Radio stations that have picked up his single. Also, top satellite stations contributed many plays in rotation for his hot song he dropped. When we are talking about today. Cheekz has his newest hit song out called “Banga” This record is fire! This new hot single he dropped is on iTunes. You can pick it up today. He also has his hot video to match. Please reference to the links below. He will be breaking the charts this year, so stay tuned!.


In 2013 Cheekz began his career in rapping and started to buzz immediately. He was featured on classic

Songs with notable industry artist with catapulted his status


Sold over 20000 copies of mixtape Mass Destruction hand to hand throughout the east coast and other regions of the USA

2017- present

CEO- Massworkz inc

Executive producer- Massworkz INC.