Elijah Rosario

https://youtu.be/-7s-nXVk0No Elijah Rosario. I’m 26 years old based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m an artist and singer-songwriter. I started recording vocal music in June of 2010 and hit the ground running. Artists such as Marvin Gaye, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Miguel, Rhianna, Drake and The Weeknd, inspired me to pursue my passion of writing dope lyrics with beautiful... Continue Reading →

Doggi Krazy – Artist of the Month (June 2020)

Colombian singer/songwriter and rapper Doggi Krazy (DK), is putting on for Colombia in a major way. As he is one of the industry’s newest rising Spanglish Trap stars, . His east coast influence and Colombian infusion, has garnered him the title of one of NYC’s hottest Trap artists quickly blowing up on the scene. With... Continue Reading →


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