Waking Bear

Waking Bear awoke early one spring. He was hungry, for food, for mating, but most of all for life. Waking bear had seen many summers, but knew there were only so many summers a bear would see. Waking Bear's parents had both fallen ill recently. So rather than feeding on berries and hunting for salmon,... Continue Reading →

Malcolm A.

Louisiana is loaded with talent in the beautiful state waiting their turn somewhere down one of the streets in the bayou. Louisina is know for it's food, hospitality, soul, and jazz. Louisiana is the birthplace of swamp pop, creole, jazz, and zydeco music. Hip Hip is now a mega player in Louisiana. This plays a... Continue Reading →


Born on January 26, 2001 in Stara Zagora, raised in Italy and passionate to music at an early age, with the influence of the 80’s/90’s of his father. Start producing music very soon, getting passionate, especially, to electronic music very quickly, with the influence of artists like @Eric Prydz, @Adam Beyer, @Robin Schulz and @Paul... Continue Reading →

AY$ON – Artist of the Month (April 2020)

Raised in the Sound-view Section of the Bronx; bouncing back and forth between 170th St & Washington Ave, Kingsbridge Road, Harlem, Philly, Baltimore, North and South Carolina - Stack-A-Dollar Records CEO: Ayson "AY$ON" Brown, is the epitome of the Underdog's Story always having to "Get it on His Own" up-bring, experiences, and accompanying mentality is... Continue Reading →


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