Working as a remixer, alongside DeynShawket, for compilation CDS at Universal music entertainment (UME), Aqcora has gained a robust fan base around the world with his new unique style of Tribal Tech House, which will be released on a five-track EP in the early months of 2017. In the meantime, their Tech & Piano house is gaining the attention of some stronghold agencies in the U.K

Toward the end of this month, the Universal Music Entertainment remixer, Aqcora, will be releasing their latest studio effort. Entitled ‘Your Love,’ the new single features Deyn Shawket and is set to be distributed on all major digital music platforms, including iTunes and Beatport. The track, which Aqcora classifies as tech house, is the first in a series of similar releases.

‘Your Love’ is set for release on Yellow Rhinestone Records, a global independent record label dedicated to EDM releases from selectively signed artists such as Aqcora. Following this release, Aqcora and Deyn Shawket are set to produce a subsequent five track EP, with which they will approach major labels to introduce their unique style of ‘tribal tech’ to a broader audience. In early December, Aqcora is also scheduled to release their latest remix project, a compilation CD entitled ‘Remix The Classics’ under Universal Music Entertainment. The album feature Aqcora’s second remix in a series of classic remix CD’s that reinterpret the likes of The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, and many more. Connect with Aqcora on Facebook and Soundcloud below to stay updated on the release of ‘Your Love’ and the slate of other exciting projects the artist has on the horizon!