Midwest Singer-Songwriter Anne Deming is back with a new album, and it’s her strongest work yet, channelling Jack White-esque guitars that perfectly complement her powerful vocals. The eddies of feedback and reverb give the track a dark undercurrent that set’s Deming apart from contemporary folk artists. Deming is a Midwest native with a seductive and soulful voice. Having written her own music and lyrics, her personal story truly shines in each album. While Deming’s past albums – Beautifully Scarred, Mulligan and the Riverrock Sessions – all showcase her vocals and impressive guitar skills, her new album Dash & Temper brings us even more insight into the masterful storytelling of this true artist. Sonically, structurally, and lyrically, Dash & Temper differs from the singer-songwriter’s previous works. Recorded in Riverrock Studios in Minneapolis, Deming covers all corners of Americana with sassy, high-tempo tracks like Gasoline & Grit to the slower, soulful sounds as heard on Flutter. No matter the pace, Deming manages to stir something up inside you. Although she has an impressive library of recorded music from her two decades of performance, it is truly magical to see her perform live.

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