Fresh out of the days of Ecto-Coolers and Space Jam, Advertisingnuts is a producer, writer and pop culture geek that’s been providing content on YouTube since 2012. He’s passionate about baseball (#GoCubsGo) dinosaurs and Ghostbusters (1984 incarnation of course)

This is his first forte into the world of song.

Dangers of a Meme – is a song born out of the frustration of logging onto websites like Facebook and so ready to share images of random people/animals or favorite scenes scripted by talented writers and animators just to showcase a certain sense of emotion they could otherwise not take the time to just think and type out for themselves.

Memes are a danger….to communications in general. Communication is what pushes society forward. So really in effect….this song is an effort to save humanity itself. As someone who majored in Communications, I take pride in bringing this fair warning…to you.

Full release coming October 6th to iTunes, Google Play and Pandora.

Pre-order now: