Interview w/ Van Hechter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

His latest EP ”Love Elastic” has generated 3 #1 singles on US underground charts so far…
He is cool, he has style, and while being thoroughly modern he reminds us of old Hollywood.
Girls go crazy for him, boys fall in love with him, non-binary humans send him fan mail and love letters…
His name is Van Hechter and he is dedicating one of his songs ”Back In Vogue” to the Movember movement. We chatted with him earlier this week…

Why are you dedicating this song to Movember?

– Because I am a testicular cancer survivor. At first doctors didn’t believe me. They were telling me it was all in my head. But FORTUNATELY I’m stubborn and I asked for second, third opinions. As it turns out I actually had a very aggressive tumor. I’d be dead not had it not been insistent! I had emergency surgery. So– all I have to say to anyone who owns testicles is- PLEASE check your boys and if you feel anything weird, seek help!

Were you scared at all?

– Of course I was. You’re scared when you know something’s really wrong, even before the diagnosis. Then there’s always a chance one could die on the operating table… Later you’re scared about it coming back… But I do remember thinking- just before going under; ”Ok today is your last day alive- you still would have had a wonderful life- I’ve already been luckier than most”

How long did it take to recover?

– It was 5 nights in the hospital, then at least 4 months to get back to the gym. They cut through my abs so it all takes a while to heal. The pain was very intense for about 2-3 weeks but then it was just a ”waiting game”… I’d sleep a lot, and eat a lot… I gained a lot of weight but I didn’t care hahahah!

Any funny memories?

– I can’t believe I’m telling you this… When I woke up from the operation I shouted; ”But nurse, nurse; what about my spectacular ejaculations?????? What will I tell my lovers? Everything will be 50% from now on, OMG!”…

LOL! And are you over that trauma?

– Well, yes! One has to. One can’t cry about shallow things forever.

How did cancer change you?

– It changed so many things for me… God! The post-cancer years have been the happiest ever! I got rid of a lot of fear, and of a few people too. The freedom of now is directly linked to the fact of having been sick. I live harder. I love harder. I allow myself to be me, more than I did before.

Did cancer affect your love life?

– Not really… I got married so I guess I was still considered as ”desirable goods” hahah! And now that I am separated (on the best terms EVER- mind you- very proud of that!) I can’t complain about the offers or number of requests to ”see” me again! I don’t feel less sexy.

You mentioned the fear of getting sick again…

– Yes. They follow cancer survivors very closely (what a privilege) but of course each time I wait for my newest results there’s a moment of ”What if???”… This is not all negative though; it forces me to face the notion of mortality once or twice a year– and facing mortality highlights how much I love life, how much it shouldn’t be taken for granted…

You can find Mr. Hechter’s album, videos, ”Back In Vogue” single and duets on all platforms but here are a few popular links to follow;