Rating: 5 out of 5.

Covid-19 has been hard on everyone across the world. Virtually every one have suffered immensely because of it. Lives lost, near and dear ones gone, jobs lost, businesses shut, capital wiped out and so much more happened to not just people, but entire nations. However, some people beat the scourge of Covid-19 spectacularly. Some got their health back. Some did financially well. Some rose from a humble background and got themselves in a better financial position during this Covid period, this becoming an inspiration to people that if you put your mind to something, you can be sure to achieve it. One such inspiration is Tasheim Stratton.

A splendid guy who was born in the hood in abject poverty, Tasheim is today a serial entrepreneur. As a child, he had to move from home to home. Him and his family have had to live on food stamps. Quite often, he would also visit pantries or other private organizations’ initiatives for free food. His family would shop at thrift stores for clothes to wear or share hand-me-downs just to save a few dollars for other expenses. Life was as hard as it could come. But life took a turn when he learned he could make people laugh. And life took a new turn when he started to teach. From a street hustler to a tutor, Tasheim came a long way in turning his life around and living as an example to be emulated.

“Those who know me know the background I have come from. My mother fell into drugs and I lived in foster care. At one point, I was severely down and out like a typical hood chap who falls in bad company. But thank God, I saw the light when I realized I have the talent to make people laugh and to teach. I have been selling courses for people to learn something new and turn their lives around. I even do some comedy gigs here and there. But the chief point is, this hood boy from poverty turned it around and now lives with wife and kids in a much better position. I teach how to make money in simple steps. If you are reading this, you can too, my friends! Let me know how can I help”, said Tasheim Stratton.