Interview w/ Titchy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Titchy, an emerging alternative pop singer/songwriter whose songs sit on the darker side of pop. Her lyrics confess an intimate truth that she radiates with raw emotion, sad but soothing; she takes her listeners on a journey with captivating and relatable songs.

Born and raised in the UK, the singer relocated to Los Angeles to study at the musician’s institute. The city was also a place to surround herself with a diverse music scene. Inspired by Red-hot Chilli peppers, Whitney Houston and Evanescence, she admires singers who cultivate their truth through music.

The aspiring singer/songwriter is ascending, developing her artistry; music has become a way to escape the harsh realities of everyday life; fearlessly, she bares her soul through music.

Her latest-up-and-coming single, “tell me that you love me,” showcases her unique style; the sound is charismatic, she hopes to inspire.

Interview by Tim Brown

When and why did you start playing? I started singing at a very young age. Music was a place I could easily get lost in, especially as a kid.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why? Growing up, my mom made me listen to Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion etc. I loved their vocals and range. I wanted to be able to sing like them.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? Ray Charles. He sounds amazing on vinyl.

Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s? CD’s? Vintage, much? Don’t laugh but I loved pop groups, so my favorite bands were the spice girls, Backstreet Boys, blink 182, Steps. I also loved the red hot chili peppers, Marilyn Manson, nirvana. So, a combo of pop and rock.

Have you been in competitions? Fleadh’s? Any prizes? Yes, several times. My first was when I was 14. I think it was called oxyband… something. I was singing a Britney Spears song and was put on television in the UK.

Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV. I try to refrain from singing in public as I have really bad performance anxiety. But it’s getting better with practice. I’ve performed at a few venues in LA, such as the House of Blues, and school shows back in England. I’m trying to get back into the whole performing thing.

What makes this kind of music “good” to you? My producer. Haha! He’s amazing. I’m not sure if my music is amazing, it’s just what I wrote when I felt really sad. If some people like it, great. If not, I’ll write a sad song about my incompetence. I’m joking. Haha!

Why did you choose to play this kind of music? I want my music to be raw, sad, emotive and real. And even dramatic. I think that’s just who I am as an artist, or at least how I want to be perceived. The artist mask that I wear.

Let’s Talk about your music and your last work… My new song is called ‘tell me that you love me.’ I wrote it when I was crying by my laptop, writing in my online diary. The song is about feeling like you’re this little kid again when you feel rejected. Just so vulnerable, scared and hurt. When you’re a kid, you want to play. ‘To play’ can also be a considered a euphemism for being in denial. And kids are good at pretending.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?There are pros and cons to it. The internet has made music easily accessible, which is wonderful as you’re able to access so much music at the push of a button… And for free/cheap. However, it’s also destroyed the music industry since artists aren’t being paid as much as what they would have in the past.

What are the plans for the future? To write more sad songs, perform and see what happens. I don’t have an idea of where I see myself in five years – I’m just going with the flow of it.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music? I feel as though I am more sure of myself as an artist and what I am about. I wasn’t in the past.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process? I write a sad song when I’m emotional, give it to my producer, tell him how I want it to sound, and he waves a magic wand and makes it happen. Hahaha!


IG: @titchymusic



Cell number: 424-666-5179