Bey Bright introduces his artistic intentions through the beautiful R&B and Soul singles

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The experienced New York RnB Singer Bey Bright catches the attention of the neoteric crowd with the sparkling notes of the new R&B and Soul musicscape on Soundcloud.

The versatile soloist Bey Bright has been named as one of the greatest musicians of the decade. The New York RnB Singer introduces his prolific artistic intentions in his delicate vocals with a few charming tracks that are available on Soundcloud. Amidst the city of wilderness, follow his therapeutic melodies to escape and relax in pure solace. The hard-hitting riffs and soulful rhythms of the new track ‘Put Me On (remix)’ lead you to a world of escapism. The impressive chords are laid with heartfelt storytelling. God has sculpted his gratifying vocals that attract the crowd of melophiles all around the world. He fabricates simple layers of organic sounds played by new instruments in every hook of the track. The reason for his staggering success is his knack for adapting new sound technologies to make the records flawless. He keeps on evolving his discography year after year by introducing new patterns of sound texture that allow him to infuse his organic R&B rhythms thoroughly.

Bey Bright is a noted musician who had quite a banging start. His latest project ‘My Soul Nostalgia 3’ EP reached number one on the Amazon UK Best Sellers List. Recently it has become the number one hit music project on the UK Soul Chart Top 30 in January. When I heard the latest track ‘Turning Me On’, his lower-toned vocals reminded me of nostalgic retro magic coupled with bombastic rhythms of sensuous R&B. His soft croons sound immersive with dreamy hooks. The romantic composition is wielded with organic instrumentation and gentle keys. Follow the celebrated musician on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for more songs.

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