Interview with Lionel B

Lionel B From The Lionel B Show Talks His Internet Fame & Debut Album With MTV
Viral YouTube star and rapper Lionel B sat down with MTV Rock for an exclusive interview, to talk about his new album ‘The Lionel B Show Vol. 1’ and is one of the top celebrity bloggers on YouTube. An amazing emerging artist, whose multifaceted, we present to you the talented celebrity news personality/rapper. You’re well known on YouTube, what made you switch to rapping? I’ve been in the music industry for a very long time before YouTube and a lot of people just didn’t know about it because I was low key. I always had skills to rap. Losing my mother this year, just gave me the ambition to go way harder with all my talents. Tell us more about your debut album. Any features, how many tracks? My debut album is named after my channel “The Lionel B Show”. I thought it was a proper name being that I’m displaying so many different sides of me. I’m giving you the side that you don’t get to see or hear on YouTube. I’ll probably keep this album at 3 features only. I’ve got a summer time track with Papa Duck, and a nice laid-back West Coast type vibe track that I plan to release with Tupac’s Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean. The album is gonna have 12 songs on there. Are you signed to a label? No I’m straight independent. I’m not really looking for a record contract. I’d take a label deal before I’d sign a recording contract. I like being indie. It’s freedom and flexibility. I can release whatever and whenever, and keep my creativity in tact. You got a whopping 82 million views on YouTube! How did you achieve that? By again just being me and being creative. I have my own unique style and paired with my humor, it made people gravitate to my platform. Are you planning on leaving your huge channel for music? No that’s not in the plans. I still enjoy doing YouTube and that’s another creative side I get to display. I love making the older bloggers on there step they game up. I’ve already did that and plan on doing much more of that. What’s next for Lionel B and the Lionel B Show? More growth, and reaching new heights. After this album, I’m gonna be working on a mixtape next, and then “The Lionel B Show Vol. 2” is gonna be dropping next year sometime. By then I’ll be sitting at a half a million subscribers on YouTube. I’m enjoying making this amazing music and great videos. How can fans connect with Lionel B? You can reach me on my website: Social networks: Email: