Chazo is Securing his Legacy for One of The Most Influential Hip Hop Artist with The New Releases

The New York hip hop artist Chazo has spellbound the fans during the boring quarantine by keep the flow of new releases coming without a pause on SoundCloud. 

The fascinating rapper from the league of the upcoming legends, Chazo had dropped several bombastic hip hop rap songs on SoundCloud to polish his musical flair and entertain his fans during the never-ending crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic. The New York hip hop artist Chazo has made the songs about the showy hedonism and confidence that has received an unexpected amount of love and support from his fans. He was featured on the Source Magazine for the intoxicating performance in ‘Interlude Twenty – Twelve’ featuring C Nellz& Apo. As an avid admirer of modern rap, I immediately fell for the authenticity he portrayed in this song. 

Chazo is not a quitter and that is what he promotes through his songs. His music is the hope for amateur musicians who can learn to grow larger instead of leaving their passion in the midway. I have found an uncanny similarity with the New York vibe in the song ‘Reality Check’ that plays the engrossing sound of the uptowns.WorldGoRound and Doughboy are the latest addition produced by his production house “familyloyaltyOughtaWin Music” that sways us off with the killer drifts and enjoyable wordplay. Follow him on Instagram and get more music on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes apple.


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