Interview with 2 Millie

Rap artist 2 Millie is from Miami, Florida who has been an established rap artist for about five years now He realized that he wanted to be an artist when he was sixteen in the tenth grade, he felt like school was not really an options, then he discovered his love for music and decided to pursue it. His first performance was at Studio 305 in Down South. In 2010 2Millie recorded his first single at his friend home studio named “Flying With The Angels”. When 2Millie first duplicated his first project he had a chance to distribute them in Miami he receive great feedback saying that he was talented and motivated him to continue to pursue his music career. When it comes to productions 2Millie does not have a particular producer that he would like to work with, he is open to work with anyone who is willing to work him. When it comes with working with someone who directs music videos no one comes to 2Millie mind now but he would like to work with anyone that brings different ideas to the table so it would be nice to work with different directors. 2Millie currently has a mixtape out named “Fuck With Me 2” which he release singles “What You Know”, Daddy Little Girl” which he also has music videos for that were released in 2014. Some musical icons that motivates him to go after his dreams is T.I and Eminem. 2Millie is getting ready for his latest project which is “Revenge Of The Left Out Kid” that is subject to release in April. He plans on touring by the end of 2015 he started working with this booking agent called Indie On The Move. At this present moment 2Millie is working on creating strip club music so the strip club djs could support him and spin his music. 2018 is looking forward to more promotional shows, creating a bigger buzz in his city and worldwide, hopes to open up for a few mainstream artist and gets featured in major magazines
Yea I know by 2millie
Interview by Tim Brown
When and why did you start playing? I was listening to an Eminem project and I just like the way he expressed his self through his music all the pain and hurt he went through he just put it all on a table. I was going to some things as well at that time and that is what made me pick up a pin and express my situation through music. Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? yes there are so old music that influenced me like run dmc songs like rock box and tricky. Also new edition can you stand the rain. it’s a mixture of r&b and rap. Biggie gimme me the lot and juicy. Nwa straight outta Compton. I can go on on.. lol but yes I am influenced by alot of old school songs. Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV. yes I preformed in strip clubs in miami and also I couple of open mic places as well. The experience was great. To interact with the people and see how that like my music. What makes this kind of music “good” to you? the type of music I do is rap/ hip hop what makes this music good to me. Is how inspiration it can be to people. This kind of music can change your emotions. And I feel like if the music don’t touch you then it ain’t real. Why did you choose to play this kind of music? I choose this kind of music because I felt like it can change life’s. There was a point in my life where I was down sad and depressed and music was a way out for me. So I felt like if I could talk about some of my sad and depressed stories maybe I could help someone else get threw there’ it did for me Let’s Talk about your music and your last work… My last project was in 2016 it was called “Revenge of the Lok” which was a 14 track mixtape about a young man letting out his frustration for all the years he been bullied and pushed around. Now 4 years later I have dropped my new mixtape “Laptop and a mic” which is a 11 track mixtape about how I started my rap career. How do you feel about the internet in the music business? I feel like the internet is the new wave for all music. I mean now you don’t really need a record deal or a label to be successful. All you need is a YouTube channel or a successful Instagram page to drop your music and a fan base then you good. Even for me I don’t even Want a record deal in more cause of all the confusion of the business. Just give me a manager I will be fine with that. What are the plans for the future? I plan on releasing two mixtapes in 2020. Hopefully find a music Manager so I can take the music to the next level. Also shows and more videos are on the way. I want to start my own record label as well Before 2025. How has your music evolved since you first began playing music? I think my content as a artist as change alot because at first I was so influenced by T.i muisc that I was rapping about popping guns and hurting people. as time went by I learned how to rap more about my struggle pains so people can get to know the real me. Could you briefly describe the music-making process? The process always start with a beat i have to find the right beat to bring my ideas to life. Once I find the right beat. I just go from there depending on the type of beat rather it’s trap or a love song type. I bring out my personal experiences to to make the writing process easier and bring the song to life. Music link: