Prophit Muzic – Artist of the Month (April 2020)

Newark, New Jersey native Prophit, born David Garcia jr, learned early that nothing in life comes without struggle, and his struggles provide the basis for his artistic expression—rapping. Born September 23, 1986, Prophit watched his single mother(Dionne Wallace) work hard to provide the best she could for him and his younger brother (Quinzel Wallace). When Prophit was ten his mother moved the family to Tifton, Georgia—a drastic change from the Newark cityscape. However, small-town Tifton left Profit with some ambivalence. At the age of twelve he met his “brothers from another mother,” Jermaine and Jamal Miller, and together they tapped into their musical talents. The influences of their music came from Pastor Troy, No Limit Soldiers and Cash Money; although Profit feels that the emergence of T.I. greatly influenced him musically. “When T.I.P. came out that was the best rapper alive to me…I wasn’t trying to be a swagger-jacker, but if there was anybody that I idolized it would have to be T.I.” Meeting the boys was the highlight of Prophit’s Tifton experience as the three, along with Prophit’s younger brother also known as (Major Quee), began to rap. After the creation of the foursome, however, troubles soon followed in Prophit’s personal life. He was eventually expelled from Tift County High School leaving him no choice but to return to New Jersey in 2004 at the age of 17. “I was considered a trouble maker, always getting in trouble in school and getting in trouble at home, but I just thought I was misunderstood.” The feelings of being misunderstood followed him back to Jersey as he searched for a stable living situation. He was often displaced and shifting between the homes of his relatives—until he would get kicked out. Just when things seemed as though they could not get any worse, a much-needed opportunity arose. One of Prophit’s friend was attending Essex County College and told the basketball coach about Prophit’s situation, and the coach offered a proposal: if he made the basketball team, he could stay in the dorms. “With God’s grace I made the team.” Everything was beginning to look up, but the troubles continued as he was forced to leave school after two semesters due to grades. The father of two girls eventually moved back to Georgia with a new prospective and a new dream, determined to make it rapping. As Prophit’s music continues to remain self-spoken and meaningful, his supporters continue togrow. Reaching from the hoods in New Jersey to Tifton, Georgia, he is making his name known. Prophit has Opened for names such Rick Ross, Fabolous, Yung Joc, and has music on all media platforms under ” Prophit Muzic “.