Interview with Vini Vink

Vini Vink is a musical project from Europe, founded in mid-2018. The main style is an electro-house, pop, progressive house, disco, club. By the beginning of 2020, the Vink Vink released 9 singles. The single “Relax” managed to get good reviews to collect more than 100k Spotify auditions in the first week of its release. Next track “Danger Zone” was written under the influence of the television show “the Hundred.” The science fiction genre makes the imagination work, and the constant dynamics of events in this show inspired the Vini Vink to release the track “Danger Zone.” A simple melody, a simple rhythm, but at the same time, an atmosphere of danger and a desire to know what will happen next is created.
The “ERA” track was released in April 2019. This is a progressive house, trance, electronic record. Was seen by the curators of the playlist “Before They Become Famous” on Tidal. And held out on their chart in 1st place for almost 3 weeks, which inspires the further development of this direction. Vini Vink celebrated his first birthday with the release of the super fun charged track, “Let’s Go.” It’s nice to realize that this track hit the sports fields and became associated with sports and workout.
Then, until the end of 2019, 4 more singles were released. “My Best Day,” this track is dedicated to the memory of Avicii, combines a progressive house, trance. In December 2019, Vini Vink released the next single “Studio 54”, immersing the listener in the 1977 New York atmosphere. In the days when the legendary Studio 54 club opened, this determined a high level of nightly entertainment.
For the Christmas holidays, we got two new tracks: “Feel the Flight” and “Magic.” In 2020, the release of a full album is planned.

Interview by Tim Brown

When and why did you start playing?

Music fascinated me as a child. Like all, I liked to explore the world. Music has become one of the tools to understand the world. As I later realized, not just the world, but the inner world of man. It was a great revelation for me that music can create whole stories. Now I am convinced, music is a universal language that erases all borders.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

I admire a lot of musicians. But the world of music opened to me Jim Morrison, “The Doors.” I was 7 years old when I watched Oliver Stone’s film “The Doors.” What I saw was real madness. But there was something incredibly attractive and magical about it. It was then that I first felt the power of music, its greatness. I think it influenced my desire to become part of the music world. To do something that people like will inspire them and charge them with positive emotions.

What makes EDM music “good” to you?

The world of electronic music is huge. It has many genres and styles, which opens up endless possibilities for self-realization. And of course, freedom. At any time, you can change the instruments in the track, change the sound, you have full control over the creation of music. And you are not tied to a recording studio. You take a laptop, and go on a trip, and continue to create music. I love it.

Why did you decide to play electro-house music?

I played in a rock band on a guitar, and we even released an album. It’s my first music producing experience. I like listening to the music of different genres, watching artists and their work. And one day on YouTube, I came across an Avicii video where he creates his track on a computer. It was a shock, incredibly cool. Then I first time thought: “one person can write music.” It’s incredible, you can easily change the instruments, melodies, structure, and you don’t need to go to the studio, don’t need to rewrite the track. It struck me how much more freedom electronic music producers have. I began to think about this, found several music schools, and got in up with a couple of electronic music producers. Began to study, experiment, try to implement different ideas. Chose the name “Vini Vink” and released several tracks, one of which “Relax” quickly scored 100 thousand streams on Spotify. It inspired me, so I found what I want to do.

Let’s talk about your music and your last work, “Studio 54”.

Vini Vink, it’s electro-pop, electro house, disco, trance, club music. Now I have released 9 singles. The tracks “Relax,” “Let’s Go,” “Era,” – received excellent reviews and became my hallmark. But today I want to talk about one of my new products: “Studio 54”. I came across a documentary film about the nightclub in New York City, Studio 54. It was a place where hundreds of fates intertwined, where fashion stars, cinema, and musical stars were born. Looking at the atmosphere that prevailed there, people, how they communicate, dance, spend time, and relax, I felt the magic of that place. As a result, I wrote a track to convey the spirit of this place in music. So “Studio 54” appeared, I hope this work will appeal to the music community.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

I am glad to live in the Internet age because the Internet removes borders between people. I’m talking about sharing music with people who live in different countries, on different continents. All you have to do is log in to your Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon account. Enter the name of an artist or band, and in 15 minutes, you will know everything about them. Exploring music has become easy. It’s just incredible! 

What are the plans for the future?

In 2020, I plan to release an album and a dozen singles. Also, do several collaborations with famous artists. Make your show and go on a trip with him (World Tour). I like meeting people, finding out how they live, what they think, and dream of. Each person has something unique that can inspire the creation of new music. I hope this tour will expand the scope of my mind and allow me to go out for something new. Another goal for Vini Vink is to start playing music at festivals. My dream is to share my music with people and give them fun.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?

When I was a child, I recorded the rhythm of a guitar on a recorder, then turned on this recording and played melodies. Then I played in a rock band. My task was to write rhythm guitar parts and compose solos, and sometimes play bass. I also participated in the recording of drum parts. Now I am making electronic music, where in addition to creating the arrangement itself, I need to be a sound engineer. To be able to do mixing, mastering. In general, I try to improve my skills and expand my musical abilities.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

In the music-making process, I put emotions first. Love, happiness, joy, inspiration, I am always in search of these feelings. And when I find them, I begin to produce music. I don’t have any ideas at that moment. I don’t know what the melody to be, drum part, and that’s going to play bass, what rhythm, what tools to use. All this appears in the process of making a song. I am only an intermediary (performer), whose task is to describe this emotion with music. When the track is ready, I publish it and begin to feel excitement, joy, and know what will happen next. I will start creating a new record because I want to experience the same emotions with only new shades. It’s Vini Vink music-making process. Thanks to the team for sharing this story. You are doing a great job.

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