KATYA is an award-winning singer, songwriter and performer from Russia. Releasing her first US track; a cover to Dead or Alive’s 80’s classic “You Spin Me Round”, with a fresh contemporary feel, while celebrating the gender free movement and expression of free identity through music.

From 2006-2010, Lee was the lead singer of a national revered pop/dance group called Hi-Fi, performing in 20 countries including sold-out shows on the Kremlin stage. Thereafter, she joined an all-girl pop act, Fabrika, which earned her a Golden Gramophone (Russian Grammy) as well as massive media coverage from Rolling Stone and Billboard to Hello and Grazia amongst others.

Often clad in hand-made light-reflective jumpsuits of her own design and creation, enhanced with 3D-printed elements, cameras, LEDs, plexiglass, and sustainable faux fur, Lee’s work is a commentary on female utopian alien society, evoking a postmodernist, other worldly space commander.

instagram: @thekatyalee
website: www.katyalee.com