Interview with the Italian Artist Bluombre

Bluombre music: from Italy to the world. Sharing and collaboration at the center along with music.

Bluombre musica, is an independent project by Giuseppe Tumolo (from Italy, author of the lyrics and melodies and curator of the entire project). 

I can call myself a “virtual band” and now I’ll explain the reasons…

Why the name Bluombre/Blueshadows?  Blue is my favorite color and shadows mean that, whoever is part of it in the end is physically distant and often even several kilometers.

The first texts were born between 1996 and 1999 but are “unripe”. Everything is refined and begin the first arrangements and the search for the first performers. The current idea was born in 2004 but then does not find fertile ground…

I call it an “unconventional musical project” in which even the performers can be different (male and female).

Different languages and versions of the same song.

This is to make the meaning of the song as comprehensible as possible and to give the listener more chance to find “his favourite”.

At the center of everything there are the web and social media. 

Fundamental is the sharing between the various interpreters to get to know and spread each other, make available to each other their fans base. 

This means that everyone can be known in a different territory, since I work with people around the world.

How could I get my music to South Africa? What about the South African interpreter here in Italy? Collaborating!

Bluombre 2.0 starts again in 2016, in the age of social and web. Here is the music production to date: 

  • 2016: Quando tu ci sei/When you are there – normal and drums version, italian with Bruno Augugliaro and drums spanish version with Mario Acuña from Perù.
  • 2017/18: Ep Diamante al sole/Diamond and the sun –  rock version italian with Bruno Augugliaro and spanish version with Desde de la caverna (from Spain), soft woman version with Debora Monno, english version with Francesco Marrone and soft male version with Bruno Augugliaro.
  • 2018/19 Goccia d’argento/Drop of silver – A rock song after the previous classic pop project. Four versions: the normal sung in Italian by Francesco Nardone and in German by GarT, the rock version sung in Afrikaans by Ruan Wepener, the electro/dance version sung in Spanish by Alfredo Ramiro Moreno (arranged by Desde de la caverna) and the trance/dance version (music only) arranged by Alexo Vitruviano.
  • 2019/20 (now) Cerco te/I’m looking for you –  A cheerful song, that remains immediately in the lead and that inevitably recalls the summer season. And with her the new idea: to make a cartoon 2d as a video and maybe give it a follow-up. Here it is in the normal version, sung in Italian by Antonino Grosso (the first real interpreter of Bluombre). The video is on both the Vevo and Bluombre cartoon channels. The pop/swing version with the female voice of Sofia Granata is also out of the picture, a powerful and intense interpretation, which makes the singing skills of this very good performer fully known. In the new year we start again with the normal version in Spanish and always with Desde de la caverna.

Here I present the video cartoon designed for the Italian version. It will probably have a sequel in the spring…

The great thing is also this, to be able to have fun creating and experimenting and to keep the attention always high, to be able to promote a song even after 2 years from its release or even to be able to make a new version.

The dream in the drawer? To have a real band, to make live shows and to make mega concerts where every interpreter could sing also some own tracks. Good music to everyone.

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