Music Review

The Creative Enlightenment in DJ Cafrii’s New Release ‘Sunrise’ is a Pop-Glazed EDM Extravaganza


Upcoming DJ and producer Cafrii is sweeping the EDM scene off its feet with his captivating electronic modulations and dynamic grooves in his new release ‘Sunrise’.


The boundaries of musical up-gradation and changes have no limit to it as various artists have put forward their cultural interpretations through song streams. Upcoming producer and DJ Cafrii is putting together the elemental pieces of contemporary EDM and its monitored changes into the beautiful track deconstruction of his new song ‘Sunrise’. A song constructed with the creative collaboration of Paula Mendes, Cafrii has given the world a taste of what EDM is rolling into in the years to come. The glaze and groove, rhythm and tale in ‘Sunrise’ are so mesmeric that it optimizes the unnecessary glamor into a more relatable one for the audience.

 South Korea DJ & producer Cafrii has his objectives set as he improves his turntable and mixing skills with the motivational influences of Avicii, Kygo, and Mike Perry. Producing and releasing music through his independent label Lemon Records, he is already in a distribution partnership with Universal Music Group. As he sores in accomplishment with the success of ‘Sunrise’, he is already brushing up his gears for upcoming live performances and the release of a new single. A robust sound consisting of pop and EDM elemental sagas expressed through the thematic significance of life, love, and philosophy, he is someone to watch out for. Follow him on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Instagram to experience the extant musical resurgence through EDM.

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