Beatle Things began in 2014 as a project by several Hit making and Grammy Musicians to commemorate the Beatles 50th Anniversary by releasing their Cover of TWIST and SHOUT.
They are the Ultimate story of Right place/right Time and 2019 is no different.

Their Twist and Shout release published by RoXX StarZZ Anonymous llc / EMI was virtually un-promoted but garnered much Internet attention and was recently discovered to have been added to over 1500 Playlists in various Distribution and Streaming sites.( They were receiving Royalties and didn’t make the connection til Now )

The most recent release,a completely restructured version of Twist & Shout after they discovered the afterlife of the first release was a more Contemporary record targeting the Fitness and millennial Club crowd.
TWIST SHAKE SHOUT (Workout Version) created an alternative to the current “Generic” electronic based BEAT music used in Gyms and Workout Classes.

Again they began to see Viral results in the Clubs in EUROPE and the UK as a Dance Club single / with very little promotion. Long story Short; The Dance workout Video targets all age groups and the Impact and Intensity are tailored to the Individual. “We make Fun Music for fun and Dancing” is the Beatle Things motto.
March 2019 marked the release of the TWIST SHAKE SHOUT Dance/Workout Vid.

The members have changed in the project over the years,but the core is responsible for the latest combination of Fun,Music,Fitness. If success continues to follow, BEATLE THINGS will more than like be visible in Performances with their entire new Collection in the works for soon to be released and Restructured BEATLES hits. Go figure,things are lining up with the recent success of Ariana Grande eclipsing the Beatles Billboard record, and the soon to be released movie “YESTERDAY” by Universal Pictures in June 2019.

All the most recent Beatle Things tunes and Vids can be viewed / downloaded on their Website: and all Media and Streaming Outlets worldwide.

Beatle Things has just added the Beatle Things You Tube and Facebook / Twitter Channels March 2019.


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