ZIGGY – Artist of the Month (August 2018)

I’m lucky enough to crash into an Italian artist, singing in Italian … and he is tainted by that magical R & B that I love and that all my love.
down the hat.

ZIGGY handles all with enormous talent. His voice can break into the ecstasy of love. He delivers crisp and clean soulful sounds to help any listener through rough patches. Clearly ZIGGY has used his gifts and talents to the fullest on his works.

R & B fans who enjoy music that is both sophisticated and cool. Ziggy delivers superb tracks that are bound to hit urban radio.Focusing on the intoxicating emotion that is love.

FAI COME VUOI “do it as you wish” is intensely sung with sincerity that sparks straight-forward openness in his voice and falsetto bursts. Sensuality, homespun romance, is delivered to top an elegant lyric sheet and a meticulous, slow-tempo groove.

PAZZO DI TE “Crazy about You” provides just what its name implies: a simple, yet sublime song built on a foundation of a masterful melody and elegant instrumentation.

Ziggy is an absolute professional, someone who knows where to put the bridge, who knows the exact right moment to bust out his voice, and when he becomes musically serious or ironic. It’s this balance between restraint and exuberance.
which allows his tracks to flow smoothly


5 stars…