Tems is an outstanding music producer located in Germany, focusing on trance, especially uplifting trance, but not limited to it, as you can find epic, heroic orchestral compositions, funny and nostalgic gaming music remixes, parodies of mainstream chart music, Livesets, and many other genres like DnB, Psy, Hip Hop beats for example, all well assorted on his Youtube and Soundcloud page. His trance style differs from the common uplifting trance, as he keeps the energetic, hard, blasting sound and the emotional and complicated branched melody, but push it further, to not only happy but also dark and sad melodies whith exaggerating, aggressive arpegios. This is not everyday shit, He strongly recommend against poly drug use because of uncharted effects. Also he has something everything crushing in his backhand, which cures aids and cancer, and lifts every listener to the next level of beeing. Its worth subscribing his soundcloud and youtube with both eyes on his upcoming releases.