★★★★★ Based in France, THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS delved into the ROCK N ROLL scene quite a while ago, branded with red hot steel and electrified by guitar riffs.     It  was only long after their teenage years that their leader decided to make his own album, with a few associates and whatever means available.... Continue Reading →

Van Hechter – Artist of the Month (November 2020)

★★★★★ Born French-Georgian, Van Hechter is a Montreal-based pop artist with an edge; he is funny, cutting, at times political, yet his tracks are catchy and always easy to dance to… — He grew up between Canada, France and the U.S.A., studied opera, literature and cinema in college, then dropped everything to become a... Continue Reading →


★★★★★ Florida-based artist BankrollShell stands out amongst a new generation of artists with recent release  Born in Sasebo, Japan, raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Shelton R. Jackson III, aka BankrollSHELL stands out amongst a new generation of artists. Displaying his creative ability as early on as eight years old, the artist found comfort and solace... Continue Reading →

Wesley Boy

Wesley Boy is an independent musician and dancer, hailing from Nigeria but based in the United States. Wesley Boy has been impressing music fans locally and globally with his unique and great style. He has been known for using his African culture to mix western culture in music. The rapper first released his first single... Continue Reading →

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