He is one of the most unusual artists of recent years with great musical diversity and exceptional interpretations of his songs. Art is clearly at the forefront of MAGNUS as you can see in his music videos. He has millions of people in the social media butalso in radio and TV already reached hereby. His... Continue Reading →


Artist Name MISTA-RYE Album SKITSAPHRENIC SCRIPTURES Style of Music Rap / Hip Hop The dream never dies... In light of retrospect, years past have only ripened the quality of music created by Mista Rye. Through verses without timestamps, Mista provides visions of his experiences surviving urban life in Oakland, California.  His songs embody the feelings that Everyone... Continue Reading →

I.S.O I.S.O the greatest group you’ve never seen, drops their debut single and video “Love You Down”. Inspired by their passion for music and an idea that it comes from the soul – the four man ensemble of very talented performers cultivated an idea to let the music speak for itself, by hiding their identities... Continue Reading →

Project Zee Project Zee’s “Around The World Girl” Music Video is a Pleasure for the Eyes The music video for the song “Around the World Girl” By Project Zee featuring Kele La Roc & Neco is one of the most creative dance and house music videos ever seen. It has hit over 2,000,000 views on YouTube.... Continue Reading →

Makk Makk french artist from Grenoble who rap and sing in english ,currently working on a concept album called Overload ( rap , fiction , action ) it's a full LP in a form of a short video serie where each song is an episode. The first one called "the Fall" is a vidéo for... Continue Reading →


Henax is an American born Artist/Producer who composes music in the genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Henax is based in Dallas, Tx and spends his free time composing and learning about the music industry. LINKs: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: @iamhenax SoundCloud: iTunes: Apple Music: Cd Baby: Deezer: Tidal:


Floyd is a S.F. Bay Area music artist who has been liberated from the old limitations and antiquated thinking of what it means to be an artist. This 21st century maverick has been singing, writing, performing and playing music for long enough to know the cost of living freely and sharing art from a genuine... Continue Reading →

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